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Build A Gazebo The Right Way

A gazebo gives any garden a touch of elegance, and is a great place to withdraw from a busy world and enjoy some quiet time.  Another idea is to use it to house your hot tub.  Use it to party or just read a book.  Whatever you use it for, your gazebo will quickly become the centerpiece of your garden.

The essential basis for building a gazebo is precision – good, seasoned wood measured and cut accurately.  Any blemishes or faults will be glaringly obvious once the gazebo has been completed, and will give the final structure a very homemade look.  So attention to detail and careful woodworking are vital.

There are a great many designs to consider, but a good choice would be the typical eight-sided gazebo, which is perhaps the simplest and most pleasing building project for both beginners and experts alike to carry out.

So, how to build a gazebo?

Construction starts with the concrete footings, laid at the 8 points of the octagon and one at dead center.  Each corner footing will have an anchor bolt set into it, and the vertical corner posts will be attached to these.

The support frames and rim joists for the deck are then fitted between the vertical posts and the central footing, checking constantly for correct alignment.  After that come the decking boards, again carefully cut and fitted to make sure the cut lines are good and straight.

The frieze panels join the verticals together at their tops, then the rafters are raised from each corner post to the king post at the top center of the gazebo.

The railings and balustrades are added last, and it is these together with the frieze where character and uniqueness can be added to the building most easily.

This brief narrative is easy to write but perhaps difficult to understand without having clear diagrams and assembly instructions to hand.  Almost every part needs to be accurately fashioned before building can start, and it is so easy to get details such as cut angles the wrong way round.

That is why good quality blueprints, assembly instructions and detailed parts lists are essential to avoid a disappointing result.

We have selected a great planning kit that will help you build a gazebo properly.  There are more than twenty designs to choose from, each with very clear plans, diagrams, assembly instructions and parts lists.

This planning kit will be invaluable for anyone building a gazebo, and will make the whole process straightforward and fun.

Why not make this your next backyard project?

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