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How to Grow Organic Celery At Home: The Easy Way

Celery is a healthy, crunchy vegetable that many people enjoy eating. According to, celery has a lot of benefits and can be used in recipes for soups, salads or even dietary supplements like honey celery powder. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find organic celery at the grocery store. This article will teach you how to grow organic celery at home so that you never have to worry about running out again!

Step one is to pick your celery seeds. You can buy them online or from a garden center near you, but if you don’t have any nearby it’s not a problem! You can buy it online without any hassle. Celery seeds are very small and easy to plant. All you need is some potting soil, water, and the time of day when they should be planted.

TIP: If you’re interested in planting more than one celery plant, it’s a good idea to start them at the same time so they will mature together and produce at the same rate.

Step two is preparing your garden area for when it comes time to transplant them into soil! You do not need much space: just a small area for each plant. Make sure the soil is loose and amended with compost or manure beforehand, then cover it with straw to keep out weeds.

Step three is planting your celery seeds! It’s best to do this in early spring so they have time to grow before summer heat starts (celery hates hot weather!) and has a chance to mature before winter sets in. They should be planted at least 12 inches apart from each other and about two inches deep, then watered thoroughly.

Step four is harvesting your celery! You can start harvesting after only six weeks or so by cutting off the stalk below ground level with a sharp knife and leaving some of it for the plant to grow more. This will give you a continuous supply of fresh celery for many weeks!

Step five is harvesting your seeds from last season in order to start over and keep growing healthy organic vegetables all year round! Once summer ends, simply spread some straw on top of your garden area and rake it into the soil. Then you can plant your celery seeds in early spring and they’ll be ready to go!

Step six is maintaining the health of your organic vegetables by watering them regularly, keeping weeds away from their roots (straw does a great job), and thinning out any overcrowded plants. This will help keep bugs at bay while ensuring that you always have a fresh supply of organic vegetables!

Step seven is harvesting your celery and eating it up! You can eat as much raw or cooked celery that you want, but remember to only harvest from the bottom six inches. The leaves near the top are actually inedible and have no nutritional value (just like with broccoli!). If you have a hard time finding organic celery at the grocery store, this is how you grow it yourself!

Follow this video to learn more about growing organic celery at home:

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